Surfers and Local Ecological Knowledge

Are you a surfer in southern Maine or New Hampshire?


If so, you hold a wealth of LOCAL ECOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE that is valuable to scientists! Please consider being a part of the gnarliest science research that is taking place in the Gulf of Maine.

Sophia Scott is a graduate research assistant at Plymouth State University working under Dr. Shannon Rogers. Dr. Rogers is the adviser and project manager for “Exploring the Local Ecological Knowledge of Surfers in Maine and New Hampshire”. You can learn more about Dr. Rogers’ work here.

This surf research is part of the New England SusTainabilty Consortium (NEST).  a sustainability science project focused on bridging the gap between science and decision making with respect to safe beaches and shellfish beds in Maine and New Hampshire. You can learn more about NEST at

As part of NEST and Dr. Rogers’ research group Sophia is investigating risk perception in the surfing population of southern Maine and New Hampshire and is collecting data through interviews. Interviews are audio-recorded and should take under 30 minutes to complete. Learn more about Dr. Rogers and Sophia’s work here. Knowledge gained from interviews will be valuable for those who cherish the ecological integrity of the Gulf of Maine. If interested please contact Sophia at or 207-239-0932.

Sophia’s work on NEST is funded by the National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR programs in Maine and New Hampshire.